More glasswork....

More glasswork....
... come check it out in the Glasswares section!

All pieces were done under the tutelage of the fine folks at Diablo Glassblowing School.

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New gouache series

New gouache series

Life #2

Each shape is inspired by a vision I had of depicting the lives of individuals via a cell shape. Each is unique, as all of us are. Please enjoy. All are gouache (and some with pencil) on 9" x 12" acid-free vellum paper. Some are framed. All that are currently done are located under the "CELLLIVES" section.

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My glasswork (new!)

My glasswork (new!)
You read that right -- I've begun experimenting with glass as a medium. I'll post all the work I've done thus far under my newly created Glassware section at the right of screen on the homepage. Shippenville PA roll off dumpster

roll off dumpsters in Richmond MI

roll off dumpster in Saint Stephens Church

Hemphill dumpsters

dumpster roll off Engadine MI

roll off dumpster Finland MN

Grafton roll off dumpster

Great Meadows roll off dumpster

Dover NC dumpster

roll off dumpsters in Dixie GA

Austin roll off dumpster

roll off dumpsters Royalton

Simple Roll Off Dumpster Hagarville AR

roll off dumpsters Baxter KY

Simple Roll Off Dumpster Chevy Chase MD

I started with a paperweight, moved to working on glasses and bowls, and created a bud vase. My next project at my next private lesson (I take them at Diablo Glass School in Roxbury) will be a sculpture, and I have something very specific in mind, so stay tuned. Until then, click on my thumbnails in the glass section and enjoy!

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